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Parker / Compumotor AXL-DRIVE Microstepping Drive

Parker / Compumotor AXL-DRIVE Microstepping Drive

Parker / Compumotor AXL-DRIVE Microstepping Drive

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Item Details & Specifications

This AXL drive does not include the SEI+/- (Serial Encoder Interface) inputs. The AXL (Low) has a max current of 3A. The AX Drive can be configured by on-board switches to be any of the following models:

AX57-51, AX57-83, AX57-102, AX83-62, AX83-93, AX83-135, AX106-120

If you would like an Artisan Technology Group technician to set the switches to configure the AX to one of these particular models, please let us know when placing the order.

AC Input Voltage: 120 VAC only 58517 AX57-51, AX57-83, AX57-102, AX83-62, AX83-93, AX83-135, AX106-120, AX106-178, AX106-205, AX-Drive, AXDrive, AX Drive

Product Family Overview

Parker / Compumotor AX Series Microstepping Drive

  • System is Available in the High-Powered Version (AXH) or the Low-Powered Version (AXL)
  • Drive Resolution is 12,800 Steps/Revolution
  • 2,000 Characters of Non-Volatile Memory Can Store Up to 7
  • Motion Programs
  • Two Optically Isolated Programmable Outputs
  • User-Selectable Micro-Stepping Waveforms for Optimal
  • Smoothness


The AX Drive combines the functions of a micro-stepping drive and an RS-232C Indexer in one compact system. The AX is easily programmed over RS-232C and has a set of 70 commands. The combination of the powerful command language and user-defined inputs and outputs allows you to develop complex motion control programs. You can create and store up to 7 programs in the AX Drive's non-volatile (EEPROM) memory. These programs can be executed remotely with simple BCD switches or a programmable logic controller (PLC). You can also execute these programs by sending an execute command over the three-wire RS-232C interface from a computer or terminal.

The AX Drive is available in the high-powered (6A max.) AXH model or the low-powered (3A max.) AXL model. An additional feature of the AX Drive is the optically isolated encoder interface which permits closed loop operation. The interface is designed to operate with TTL quadrature (rotary or linear) incremental encoders.

The motors provided with the AX Drives are high-accuracy 1.8' hybrid step motors that have been optimized for smooth micro-stepping operation. Unique lamination materials ensure low power losses and low heating when driven by the AX'S 16 to 20 Khz pulse width modulated amplifiers.

AX Drives feature switch-selectable motor currents, eliminating the need for motor/drive matching. Amplifier adjustments are available to the user to compensate for typical motor-to-motor variations. This is important for critical applications that require maximum smoothness. The AX is compatible with the Compumotor Model 72 and Model 72-I/O interface. The Model 72 provides adjustable thumbwheel switches to enter and change AX motion control parameters.

Additional Photos

Parker / Compumotor AXL-DRIVE Microstepping Drive


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