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Parker / Compumotor CPHX High Power Drive/Indexer

Parker / Compumotor CPHX High Power Drive/Indexer

Parker / Compumotor CPHX High Power Drive/Indexer

Model#: CPHX
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Item Details & Specifications

The X version of the Compumotor Plus system contains the servo controller and a complete, RS-232C-based indexer that executes the Compumotor X programming language. The CPHX Drive can be configured by on-board switches to be any of the following models:

CPHX83-150 and CPHX106-220 and CPHX-DRIVE

If you would like an Artisan Technology Group technician to set the switches to configure the CPHX to one of these particular models, please let us know when placing the order.

Input Voltage: 120 V 59826

Product Family Overview

Parker / Compumotor Plus CP Series Drives

  • Digital Tuning Via Pushbuttons or a RS-232C Interface
  • Velocity Monitor Output Provides Real-Time Performance Information
  • Two-Digit LED Diagnostic Display
  • CW/CCW End-of-Travel Limits
  • User-Selectable Resolution 200–25,600 Steps/Rev


The Parker Compumotor Plus Series Drives are a powerful, stand-alone, motion control devices. They provide users with an indexer and driver in one package (CPLX and CPHX). A simple RS-232C communications interface allows users to implement Compumotor Plus' powerful command language with minimal setup and preparation. The system's ability to operate up to 16 Compumotor Plus Drives in a daisy chain configuration, from one RS-232C device, further simplifies the Compumotor Plus' implementation in more complex applications.

The Compumotor Plus system provides high accelerations (up to 10 times higher than open-loop stepper systems) and high torques in each frame size. The torque profiles have been chosen to provide high torque's at low to moderate speeds. This makes the Compumotor Plus system ideal for point-to-point positioning applications where increased throughput is important.

Since the Compumotor Plus system runs closed loop, current is only produced when torque demands require it. Consequently, the Compumotor Plus system runs much cooler than comparable open-loop steppers. This can be important in applications where motor heating is a factor (such as stage drives).

Product Family: CPL57-120, CPL57 120, CPL57120, CPLX57-120, CPLX57 120, CPLX57120, CPL83-150, CPL83 150, CPL83150, CPLX83-150, CPLX83 150, CPLX83150, CPH83-150, CPH83 150, CPH83150, CPHX83-150, CPHX83 150, CPHX83150, CPH106-220, CPH106 220, CPH106-220, CPHX106-220, CPHX106 220, CPHX106-220

Additional Photos

Parker / Compumotor CPHX High Power Drive/Indexer


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