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Keysight / Agilent E1413A Interface Module

Keysight / Agilent E1413A Interface Module

Keysight / Agilent E1413A Interface Module

Model#: E1413A
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Item Details & Specifications

Part Number: N2363-60009 50737 E1413A, E1413B, E1413C, E-1413A, E-1413B, E-1413C, E 1413A, E 1413B, E 1413C, 1413A, 1413B, 1413C, 1413-A, 1413-B, 1413-C, 1413 A, 1413 B, 1413 C

Product Family Overview

Keysight / Agilent E1413A / E1413B / E1413C High-Speed 64-Channel Scanning A/D Converter

  • Single Slot, C-Size VXI Module
  • 64-Ch High-Speed A/D Converter
  • Scans 100k Samples / Second
  • Eight SCP Module Slots


The Agilent E1413A, E1413B, & E1413C are 64-Channel High-Speed Scanning Analog-to-Digital Converters with optional per-channel signal conditioning in a single width VXIbus module. They scan up to 100,000 channels per second, while autoranging and converting the readings into Engineering Units (EU). The reading stream is routed to a 65,024 reading FIFO buffer, while the latest reading from each of the 64 channels can be quickly accessed from a Current Value Table (CVT). All readings are returned to the FIFO and CVT in IEEE 754, 32-bit floating point format either with EU conversion or as input voltage. Channel selection is controlled by four scan lists which can contain up to 1,024 channel assignments each. Another list called the "List of Lists" can reference each of the scan lists (1 through 4) up to 1,024 times. The E1413 also provides on-board calibration sources to allow on-line, single command, all-channel calibration. The module can also compensate for system wiring offsets. The E1413 can accept any mix of up to eight Signal Conditioning Plug-ons (SCPs). All of these features can be accessed with the SCPI and Compiled SCPI instrument languages.

The E1413A, E1413B, & E1413C interface to the following SCP Modules: E1501A, E1502A, E1503A, E1504A, E1505A, E1506A, E1507A, E1508A, E1509A, E1510A, E1511A, E1512A, E1513A, E1514A, E1515A, E1516A, E1517A, E1518A, E1531A, E1532A, E1533A, E1534A, E1535A, E1536A, E1537A, E1538A.

Additional Photos

Keysight / Agilent E1413A Interface Module
Keysight / Agilent E1413A Interface Module


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