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National Instruments AT-AO-6 Analog Output Board

National Instruments AT-AO-6 Analog Output Board

National Instruments AT-AO-6 Analog Output Board

Model#: AT-AO-6
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Item Details & Specifications

Part Number: 181435C-06, 776541-01 57803 at-ao-6, at-ao-10, at-a0-6, at-a0-10, atao6, ata06, atao10, ata010, 776541-01, 776542-01

Product Family Overview

National Instruments AT-AO-6 / AT-AO-10 Analog Output Boards

  • High Performance
  • Automate Machine and Process Control, Instrumentation, and Electronic Test Signal Generation
  • Analog Voltage Outputs


The National instruments AT-AO-6 / AT-AO-10 Analog Output Boards is a high-performance analog output and digital I/O board for the PC. There are two versions of the AT-AO-6/10: a version with six analog output channels and a version with ten analog output channels. The AT-AO-6/10 has six/ten double-buffered, multiplying, 12-bit DACs; unipolar and bipolar voltage output; 4 to 20 mA current output; an on-board DAC reference voltage of 10 V; internal timer and external signal update capability for waveform generation; an on-board 1,024-word FIFO buffer; transfer rates up to 200 ksamples/sec per channel; on-board analog output auto calibration circuitry; eight digital I/O lines able to sink up to 24 mA of current; timer-generated and externally generated interrupts; a high-performance RTSI bus interface; analog output auto-initialization at startup; and full PC I/O channel DMA capability with analog output.

The AT-AO-6/10 is designed for applications such as automation of machine and process control, instrumentation, and electronic test signal generation. The analog voltage outputs can be used for functions such as 12-bit resolution voltage sourcing, analog function generation, and control signal output. The 4 to 20 mA current outputs can be used in industrial control loops or any other application that benefits from the inherent noise immunity of two-wire current loop communication. The eight TTL-compatible digital I/O lines can be used for machine and process control, inter-machine communication, and relay switching control.

The AT-AO-6/10 is interfaced to the National Instruments RTSI bus. With this bus, National Instruments AT Series boards can send timing signals to each other. The AT-AO-6/10 can send signals from the on-board counter/timer to another board, or another board can send control signals to the AT-AO-6/10.

You can use the AT-AO-6/10 with LabVIEW for Windows or LabWindows for DOS. LabVIEW and LabWindows are innovative program development software packages for data acquisition and control applications. LabVIEW uses graphical programming, whereas LabWindows enhances Microsoft C and QuickBASIC. Both packages include extensive libraries for data acquisition, instrument control, data analysis, and graphical data presentation.

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National Instruments AT-AO-6 Analog Output Board


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