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Keysight / Agilent E4861A 2.67 Gb/s Data ParBERT Module

Keysight / Agilent E4861A 2.67 Gb/s Data ParBERT Module

Keysight / Agilent E4861A 2.67 Gb/s Data ParBERT Module

Model#: E4861A
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Item Details & Specifications

This unit does not include any front end or back end modules.

If you would like a custom configuration built contact an Artisan Technology Group Sales for pricing and availability. 58503

Product Family Overview

Keysight / Agilent 81200 / 81250 ParBERT System and Modules

  • Parallel Bit Error Ratio Tester
  • 81200: Configurable for 675 Mb/s to 2.7 Gb/s Analysis
  • 81250: Configurable for 675 Mb/s to 45 Gb/s Analysis
  • Modular BER Test Platform
  • Generate and Analyze PRWS, PRBS , and User-Defined Patterns


The Agilent 81200 data generator/analyzer platform is the right choice for you if you are an engineer in R&D or manufacturing performing functional and parametric tests on digital subsystems, ICs, or boards. The 81200 allows thorough verification and characterization of digital devices throughout the development cycle, thus reducing risks, costs and time-to-market.

The 81200 is a modular system offering stimulus and analyzer channels in speed classes 200/330/675/2.700Mb/s.

Agilent ParBERT 81250 is a modular parallel electrical and optical bit error ratio (BER) test platform, which works up to 45 Gb/s. The ParBERT 81250 platform comprises modules that work at 675 Mb/s, 1.65 Gb/s, 2.7 Gb/s, 3.35 Gb/s, 7 Gb/s, 10.8 Gb/s, 13.5 Gb/s and 45 Gb/s. The system generates pseudo random word sequences (PRWS), standard pseudo random binary sequences (PRBS) and user-defined patterns on parallel lines. You can analyze bit error ratios with user defined patterns, PRBS/PRWS or mixed data (a combination of userdefined patterns and PRBS).

ParBERT 81250 is a perfect fit for parallel-to-serial, serial-to - parallel, serial-to-serial and multiple serial BER test. Examples are multiplexer and demultiplexer (Mux/Demux) - or SerDes (serializer/deseralizer) - testing used in telecom and storage area network (SAN) ICs, multiple transmitter and receiver testing in manufacturing, amplifiers as well as 10GbE and forward error correction (FEC) device testing.

It is also an ideal extension for the high-speed channels of an IC-tester.

ParBERT 81250 also provides data and control signals for the DUT if required.

Additional Photos

Keysight / Agilent E4861A 2.67 Gb/s Data ParBERT Module


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