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Emerson / Motorola MVME712C / MVME712/C Transition Board

Emerson / Motorola MVME712C / MVME712/C Transition Board

Emerson / Motorola MVME712C / MVME712/C Transition Board

Model#: MVME712C / MVME712/C
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Item Details & Specifications

The P2 Adapter is sold separately.

• SCSI Interface Adapter Included
• ThinNet BNC

Part Number: 01-W3687B 01A 59315 MVME 712/M, MVME-712/M, MVME712/M, MVME 712M, MVME-712M, MVME712M, MVME 712/C, MVME-712/C, MVME712/C, MVME 712C, MVME-712C, MVME712C, MVME 712-M, MVME-712-M, MVME712-M, MVME 712 M, MVME-712 M, MVME712 M, MVME 712-C, MVME-712-C, MVME712-C, MVME 712 C, MVME-712 C, MVME712 C

Product Family Overview

Emerson / Motorola MVME712 Series Transition/Communication Modules

  • Four 25-Pin Multi-Protocol EIA-232-D Serial Ports


The MVME712M is an I/O transition module for Motorola's MPU VME module, VME Processor Module, Embedded Controller, and Single Board Computer (SBC) families of processor modules. The MVME712M is compatible with MVME147, MVME1600, MVME162, MVME2600, MVME167, MVME2700, MVME177, MVME3600, MVME4600. The MVME712M is used as an interface between the processor module and its peripheral devices. The purpose of this module is to provide rear panel industry-standard connectors that simplify external customer cable requirements.

The P2 adapter assembly routes the I/O signals and grounds from the P2 connector on the chassis backplane, at the VMEmodule MPU connection, to the MVME712M. The MVME712M routes the signals to four serial ports, implemented with four industry standard DB-25 connectors on its front panel. The serial ports may be configured for EIA-232-D DTE or DCE through jumper arrangements on the MVME 712M. The MVME712M front panel also has an Ethernet port, a SCSI port, and a printer port. In addition, the MVME712M routes the EIA-232-D port 2 signals to an internal modem.

The MVME712M requires the use of the P2 adapter board which in not included. The features of the P2 adapter board include:
• A Connector that Permits SCSI Cable Connection to Other SCSI Devices and/or to MVME712M Through a Flat Ribbon Cable
• SCSI Terminating Resistors Mounted in Sockets for End of Cable or Middle of Cable Configuration
• Terminator Power Developed on the P2 Adapter from the +5 Volts DC on Connector P2, and Fused (1 A) on the P2 Adapter
• A Connector that Interfaces the EIA-232-D Ports, Printer Port, SCSI, and Ethernet Signals to the MVME712M

Additional Photos

Emerson / Motorola MVME712C / MVME712/C Transition Board


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