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Acromag 4310-08-1 I/O Station

Acromag 4310-08-1 I/O Station

Acromag 4310-08-1 I/O Station

Model#: 4310-08-1
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Item Details & Specifications

This Acromag 4310-08-1 I/O Station is used and in excellent condition.

• Module Capacity: 8 Analog and 16 Digital Max
• Power: 115VAC +/-10%, 50-60Hz, 0.5A
• Max Ambient: -25 to +60°C, -13 to 140°F
• Power Isolation: Full Power Isolation

83732 4310, 431O, 4000, 4OOO

Product Family Overview

Acromag Series 4000 I/O Stations

  • Communicates in ASCII or Binary
  • Communicates to Host Equipped with RS-232C or RS-485 Interface
  • Accommodates up to 16 Analog I/O Modules
  • Supplied With or Without Built-In AC Input Power Supply
  • Digital I/O Port Supporting an Additional 16 Digital I/O Modules
  • Field Circuit Isolation


The Acromag Series 4000 I/O Stations provide a powerful, low cost, measurement and control system suitable for most industrial data acquisition and control applications. The Series 4000 I/O Station can communicate in either ASCII or binary format to any host equipped with a standard RS-232C or RS-485 interface. The Series 43xx/44xx units include support for RF and phone modem interface types. Each I/O Station can accommodate up to 16 analog I/O modules and provides 16 digital I/O lines for interfacing to an external panel of solid state relays. All user selectable options (address, baud rate, alarms, etc.) are configured with software commands via the communication port and are stored in nonvolatile EEPROM memory. All scaling, linearization, and caibration functions are performed digitally. The Series 4000 I/O Stations can supplied with or without a built-in AC input power supply. A wide range of hardware and software accessory items are available to meet the needs of most applications.

The Acromag I/O Station sub-system component parts consist of the following; analog I/O modules, digital I/O modules, microcomputer (CPU) board with digital I/O interface, communication port(s), backplane assembly, and power supply. The Series 41xx and 43xx I/O Stations are available as an 8 or 16 channel analog I/O sub-system, while Series 42xx and 44xx I/O Stations are 16 channel sub-systems with 8 analog channels and 8 digital channels. All Series 4000 I/O Stations include a digital I/O port that can support an additional 16 digital I/O modules mounted on an external digital I/O panel.

All Series 4000 I/O modules have field circuit isolation; this provides channel to channel isolation, isolation between the field environment and I/O Station control circuitry and the serial communication ports. AC powered units include power isolation. DC powered units are directly coupled (the power and I/O Station control circuits share the same common).

Additional Photos

Acromag 4310-08-1 I/O Station
Acromag 4310-08-1 I/O Station
Acromag 4310-08-1 I/O Station
Acromag 4310-08-1 I/O Station


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